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Anxiety symptoms - What are anxiety symptoms?

Anxiety symptoms are how anxiety manifest on anxiety sufferer.

Let me first explain what anxiety is.

Anxiety is constant tension and nervousness. Anxiety person feels always stressed and worry a lot. Usually person worry about pretty much anything. The more person worry, the more he/she is and more nervous is. When person is nervous (and you most likely experienced nervousness) simply is unable to think straight.

Thinking straight

To think straight - that's a big problem for most anxiety sufferers. That's what this blog is about. About anxiety symptoms and how to deal with anxiety symptoms and how to deal with anxiety disorder in general.

2 kinds of symptoms

There are two types of symptoms. Some symptoms are physical - they manifest as trembling, sweating and hyperventilation.

But some symptoms are of psychological or mental nature. Those symptoms are sometimes even worse and are happening inside of person. Someone who is with anxiety sufferer can't feel how anxiety person feels inside. He is only able to see sweating, trembling and nervousness in general.

 If you ever experienced anxiety(panic) attack you know how it feels like. It's very bad experience and most people need to learn how to deal with it.

Physical symptoms of anxiety

Physical activity, as I said previously, are manifested on physical way. Some physical symptoms are:

- trembling - person trembles like a tree on the wind. Trembling is very unpleasant but it doesn't last too long. Usually trembling last less than 10 minutes. To stop trembling best is to have a bath, drink water and do not fight it.

- sweating - sweating is also very unpleasant but in a way that person must take a shower afterwards. Anxiety (also known as panic) attack makes a lot of sweat.

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